Originally from the United States, Molly R is a world traveler and certified ESL Teacher. Two of her greatest passions are- in no particular order- traveling the world and writing. Combining the two, she single-handedly created her first, modestly popular blog The Wayward Waygook. As she lived and taught in South Korea for a year, the blog catered to foreigners- or “waygooks” as Koreans would call us.


After her 13 month contract in South Korea ended, Molly packed her rucksack for a 4 month backpacking trip through Southeast Asia.

While traveling through Asia for a year and a half, Molly upheld a long-distance, long-term relationship with her significant other and celebrated their 5 year anniversary apart. Maintaining a long term relationship was definitely hard, but as her blog was geared towards teaching in Korea most of that was kept out of her blog.


After a year and a half, Molly has found herself in the United States once again. Aspiring to be a full-time travel writer, or to simply maintain a passion, Molly has created a second blog. Fusing her passion for travel, writing and her relationship this blog aims to serve a larger audience.

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